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"I think it is innately built into each and every human being to want to create something meaningful, beautiful, and purposeful in their lives. Photography is my means to create."

I have a true passion for photography. It took many years of wrestling with my likes and dislikes until I finally discovered my true calling in life. I feel most alive when I am creating images. As human beings, it is innately built into each and every one of us to create something meaningful. To put it simply, photography brings purpose to my life, and that purpose is to create. To create something from nothing, and manifest my vision into reality. 

I want to create more than just a pretty image, I want that image to make you pause, think, and reflect. Images that tell stories, evoke emotion, and allow us to travel back in time are the most powerful images of all.  

I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds me; when the light dances through the trees, the fleeting early morning fog right before the sun-rise, or the dark ominous shadow of an approaching storm.

During ever shoot, I aim to create images that encapsulate the full mind, body, and spirit of the people I shoot by harnessing the beautiful light and natural beauty that surrounds them. A moment that is beautiful, magical, and emotional all on its own. 

I want my photos to feel warmth, tangible, as if you are there living in the moment right along with the subject. I want them to have a mood that uplifts, enlightens, and inspires action. An image that leaves you wanting more.

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