JZ Presets are my way of transporting your photography to the West Coast. I took the qualities, colors, and style of some of my favorite California destinations, wrapped them into three pretty, preset packs, and tied them with a bow. My presets were designed to represent the warm and bright colors of California, while still maintaining that timeless, film-like quality we all love incorporating into our digital work. JZ Presets were formulated through years of trial and error as I developed my distinct style working as a fashion and commercial photographer.

Each preset is equipped with three different lighting adjustments: soft light, harsh light and shooting backlit, all of which are scenarios I encounter on a daily basis. Each preset pack is inspired by a unique California destination that I feel captures the essence of the Sunshine State: Joshua Tree, Malibu, and Palm Springs. Each location has its own unique vibe that is eye-catching yet rooted in the natural beauty of California. My hope is that my presets will help you develop consistency in your work and speed up your workflow while allowing you to add a flare that is all your own. Edit away fellow photo-takers, movie-makers, and earth-shakers!



palm springs


joshua tree

Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher (or CC) | Adobe Camera RAW
RAW files supports, not for JPEGS

after payment, you will receive an email with a download link so you can start using your jz presets right away

what's included in each pack:
4 presets (each with 3 different lighting adjustments)
-backlit adjustment
-soft light/shade adjustment
-Harsh/direct light adjustment

lr and acr files included
tips, tutorials, and installation instructions



quigley presets

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*new mobile preset pack*


You asked and I delivered! You can now use the JZ Preset Packs on your phone! This is a great option for beginners, bloggers, and non-photographers who want to edit like a professional but don’t necessarily want to hassle with learning Lightroom or Photoshop. No Lightroom subscription is needed to edit with these presets. The JZ Mobile Presets have been altered so they work best with iPhone photos or imported camera photos and are meant to be extremely easy to use. All you need to do is download the free Lightroom Mobile App to get started.


The original JZ Preset Packs are meant to be used by photographers (or those with editing experience) on their computer editing RAW images with either Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW. These Mobile Presets are more similar to filters, and the colors are based off the 4 individual presets in each of the Joshua Tree, Malibu, and Palm Springs Preset Packs. The only difference is that the Mobile Presets are more simple to tweak and are compatible with phone and jpeg images. The JZ Mobile Presets are created for the Lightroom Mobile App only and will not work on your computer. If you are looking for presets to use both on your computer with your Lightroom subscription, then you can purchase the original JZ Preset Packs for Desktop above.

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