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Evoking the vintage, mid-century modern style and tones of Palm Springs, this preset pack has a creamy, low contrast quality that will transport your photos back to the pages of a 1960’s magazine. By bringing up the shadows and playing down the highlights, the tones of these presets will flatter your subject and make your images the perfect balance of fade and pop. They are dreamy and creamy.

This pack includes 4 Lightroom presets, 4 Adobe Camera Raw presets, modifiers for different lighting situations, and tutorial documents to help you make the most of your presets. These presets were created to make your life easier and your work more consistent and efficient, while adding a professional and glowing style to all of your images. JZ presets are tailored to as many locations, lighting scenarios, and skin tones as possible to make sure you have to do as little adjusting as possible. Happy editing.

palm springs

Creamy, faded, and chic as can be, this is the preset that will make you feel like the cool kid on campus

Oh Just peachy, peachy tones that is, with faded highlights and shadows that feel straight out of Mad Men

With the perfect amount of fade and pop, this preset is polished and as dreamy as a creamsicle

Warm, soft, and polite as can be, This preset is not too loud while still making a statement

*desktop presets*

what's included in each pack

4 Presets (Each with 3 different lighting adjustments)

Backlit Adjustment
Soft light/Shade Adjustment
Harsh/Direct Light Adjustment

LR and ACR Files Included (Compatible with a desktop subscription to Lightroom and/or Adobe Camera Raw)

Tips, Tutorials, and Installation Instructions

Adobe Lightroon 4 or Higher (or CC) | Adobe Camera Raw
Presets are designed to work best with RAW file format, not for jpegs.

After payment, you will receive an email with a download link so you can start using your JZ Presets right away.

*mobile presets*

what's included in each pack

4 Different Lightroom Mobile Presets
(Tailored To Be Used On iPhone and Jpeg Files) 
Tips and Tricks on how to get the most out of your Mobile Presets

Installation video to walk you through how to install and use your mobile preset pack.

You Must Have Access To A Desktop/Laptop Computer To Download These Presets (You Can Download Them From Your Confirmation Email). 
No Lightroom Subscription Is Required To Use These Presets. 
After You Have Downloaded Presets To Your Computer, Watch The Video Tutorial Included In Your Purchase To See How To Install Them On The Lightroom Mobile App. 

After payment, you will receive an email with a download pink so you start using your JZ Mobile Presets right away, For Mobile Presets, you will need to download the preset files onto your computer first and then follow the how-to video to install the presets files onto your phone. 





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