Recently I was commissioned to shoot Chinese Laundry’s new Rustic Canyon line with my gal Quigley! The brand wanted the shoot to really capture the rustic/rural desert side of California, so we headed out to our reliable spots near Palmdale and Lancaster, about an hour or so outside of Los Angeles. We had so much fun coming up with creative and new ways to capture some of our go-to locations out in the desert, but also how to still make the shoes the focus of the image without having them take up too much of your attention. It is a very fine balance. We also found out that Quigley’s bug can’t handle off-roading as good as we thought! We were about to shoot our last look of the day, and Quigley took a side road, and as soon as we pulled off the highway, we felt the entire car sink deep into the sandy soil! We were stuck! We then spent the next 30 minutes trying to push ourselves out, until a kind gentleman pulled up with a truck and tow rope and pulled us out. It was definitely a Good Samaritan moment. Every shoot comes with its unanticipated adventures, and you just got roll with the punches. I hope you enjoy our fun, movement-filled images from our day in the desert with Chinese Laundry.




Chinese Laundry | Rustic Canyon Look Book

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