This February, Officially Quigley and I did another classic shoot celebrating all things Valentine’s Day. Quigley loves embracing the holidays and creating fun content around it.  We both instantly fell in love with this gorgeous dress from Rodarte and loved how they styled it on the runway with birdcage veils.  We decided to use that as inspiration and to really lean into the look of the dress with a dark lip and pale makeup.  The dress is silk and photographed beautifully.  We also tried to incorporate as many fake roses as possible into our setup.  We did this shoot in Quigley’s backyard with just a canvas as the backdrop and a handmade rose heart that we put together while our babies slept.  I used vaseline on my filter again to give these photos a dreamy glow.  I also held a red ribbon that Quigley had in front of the lens that gave the photos a hazy glow around the edges.  We had fun including Alex in a flashy sequined jacket and Max in an adorable red beret too.  I love this shoot because it’s a great example that you don’t always need a huge production to get amazing shots, just a few simple elements.




Creative Direction & Photography: Jordan Zobrist

Models: Officially Quigley, Maximillian Goode, and Alex Goode

Clothing: Rodarte & Janie and Jack


Goode Valentine’s Day | Officially Quigley

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