I recently shot a super fun shoot for Vegamour, where we were inspired to make it feel organic.  We used a lot of florals and natural elements like sunshine and warmth to promote this haircare company for their summer sale (that launch in May).  Vegamour is a really cool natural haircare brand, that uses clean ingredients and plant-based formulas for their products.  They have tons of shampoos and growth serums.  It was so much fun working for a haircare brand versus a general beauty brand.  It was fun to be able to focus on hair and make it summery and feminine and use a lot of the elements that I like to create with (like a hazy lens filter, holding fabric and prisms in front of the lenses, & shooting through flowers and grass).  We wanted to do a showering scene and ended up using a pitcher for watering plants and pouring that on the model’s head to make it look like a shower.  We did both wet and dry looks with our model.  It was so fun and different from the typical fashion shoots I do.






Vegamour | Summer Sale

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