The most recent shoot I did for Quigley was for her 33rd birthday!  Quigley and I have done birthday shoots for the last 4 years.  We always love to have fun with these and get very extravagant.  The theme for this one was very queen-for-the-day.  Quigley got a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress and we got a bunch of florals from Morgan of Wild Muse Floral.  We set up a backdrop in Quigley’s backyard and Morgan did all the florals.  Quigley got her custom crown done by designer Amaroq Designs.  She loves to incorporate Max and Alex into her photoshoots as well.  So naturally she had them in coordinating outfits.  Max wore a little crown and tuxedo outfit and Alex wore a blue suit.  It was just so fun and extravagant and over-the-top; very fitting for Quigley’s birthday.  It’s always so great to do something creative to celebrate her birthday each year.  And is just another great example of the polished, elevated, professional look you can accomplish with just a simple backdrop and some florals in someone’s backyard.  Oh and fun story: the chair Quigley is using for her “throne” is her mother-in-law’s cat chair and the upholstery is a cat design.  But it worked out perfectly for her throne.  Can’t wait to see what we dream up for next year!




Creative Direction & Photography: Jordan Zobrist

Models: Officially Quigley, Alex Goode, and Maximilian Goode

Floral Stylist: Wild Muse Floral (Morgan Wynia)

Crown: Amaroq Design

Bakery: Alana Jones-Mann



Quigley Birthday Shoot

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