I have a relationship with the founder of Jovi, Suzy Holman. I’ve shot with her for her personal branding and when she founded Jovi, she hired me to shoot imagery to launch the brand for their website and social.  She gave me full creative control as far as the concept, location, wardrobe, props, styling and lighting… honestly everything.  I fully produced, creative directed, and shot this shoot.  It was a two day shoot and the most work I’ve ever put into a concept before.  The first day was more editorial with concepts that were eye catching and incorporated a lot of props and color. The second day was all about real women.  We pulled from Suzy’s community and asked women to come model for us and talk about Jovi and how they planned to use it in their lives.

Jovi is a pain relief patch that uses nanocapacitor technology to ease discomfort from period problems by diverting the pain signals away from your brain.  Suzy wanted to target females and the monthly pain of menstrual cramps, and how with the Jovi patch there was a drug free alternative for pain management.  We did two days of shoots because she wanted her brand to feel high end and luxurious but still attainable.  So that’s why we used a combination of real women and models.

With so much going on, there was A LOT to keep track of.  Thank goodness for Milanote.  This is my go-to resource for helping me stay organized on shoot day.  This little app is super easy to use and includes everything I need from the call sheet to mood boards & posing boards to shot list and more.  You can share each project with the models and crew so everyone has a reference for shoot day.  I honestly can’t imagine staying organized for a shoot like Jovi without this. (And no, this is not a sponsored post.)

From all of the production that went into this (from the casting to finding the crew to getting everything prepared for day-of), to see it all come alive on shoot day was so rewarding and was such a fulfilling project that I am so proud of.  I love these images and what they were able to convey and hope you do too.




Jovi Website Brand Shoot

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