Another really fun shoot I did recently with Quigley and Alex was in the Lavender Fields at the Clairmont Lavendar Farms in Los Olivos.  This was part of a project I’ve been working on with Quigley for a while.  We wanted to shoot in a place where we could take full advantage of the location and how to capture different lighting scenarios in one location (whether that be direct harsh light or later in the day for a more backlit, hazy glowy light).  We filmed a lot of video in addition to the photos and made a full day out of being here.

With this shoot, we really wanted to show how you can shoot different scenarios throughout the day and still create a set of photos that’s cohesive.  We even shot after the sun went down and still maintained a lot of color in the images.  And a lot of that is due to using the same preset pack for the entire shoot.

For this shoot, I used my Malibu preset pack.  This pack is my most true-to-life preset pack. It adds warmth, vivid color, and contrast to my photos and really enhances them and gives them that professional polished look.  You can really see this with some of the backlit photos of Quigley and Alex in the purple Lavender Fields.

The nice thing about my presets is that they come with different adjustments for different lighting scenarios. So within the Malibu preset pack, it comes with 4 presets but each preset also comes with a backlit option, front-lit option, and shaded option.  Which makes them useable in almost any scenario.  Just like this shoot.

Take a peek at the photos below to see just how things evolved throughout the day.





Lavender Fields | Los Olivos, CA

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