To say I was honored when the phenomenally talented Jamie Findlay asked ME to take her personal branding photos would be an understatement.  Jamie is so talented and inspiring in so many ways.  We decided to shoot in a variety of locations to give her a wide selection to choose from.  We started our day out in the desert, followed by pics at the Roosevelt Hotel, and lastly in a brightly lit studio in DTLA.

In order to give these vastly different photos a common thread, I decided to use my Joshua Tree Preset Pack.  I really loved adding it to this shoot because it emphasizes how Joshua Tree adds a very film-like gritty grainy desaturated vibe to photos that I just love so much.  It worked so well for Jamie and her brand.  I didn’t want to add too much color.  I wanted this to be more about Jamie and to emphasize her personality, her strength, and her beauty as a female entrepreneur and thought-leader in the photography space.  And so I used the Joshua Tree preset pack on her shoot and loved making things a little more gritty/grainy.

With so many different locations and vibes, adding the Joshua Tree preset pack to all of the photos as I was editing really helped give consistency to her brand and images and added a fun vintage flair.  These presets helped make the images more about the subject and less about the environment, which I think can be extremely useful at times.

Hope you enjoy checking out some of my favorite pics from this shoot!






Jamie Findlay | Brand Shoot

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