I did this shoot pretty early into moving to L.A.  I did this with Morgan Ryan aka Ms Maverick Muse. Morgan was someone I found on Instagram right after moving to L.A.  I just gravitated to her style.  She’s so good at thrifting and finding amazing pieces to work with.  She was also blogging at the time.

This was a passion project of mine and something we did together just to be able to create.  We scoped out really crusty locations and found this donut shop that we used to always drive by and this Chinese restaurant that was just very L.A.  We wanted to make these old rundown locations “high fashion”. Morgan found these 1950/60s looks that worked out so well outside of these locations.  And I worked with the locations to let us shoot there.  We were able to incorporate the actual food and to-go boxes from the places.

This shoot was really cool because I shot in both digital and film. I shot with a medium film format camera.  It was so much fun and a way to open and stretch myself and practice new techniques and practice with film, which I had never done before.

As mentioned, this was one of my first passion projects in L.A. And it was a great way for me to connect and network with other people.  Morgan and I both creative directed this one which was so fun.  This shoot emphasizes how important it is to do passion projects as a photographer.  To experiment and explore and try new things.  Like shooting in film or shooting in places that may look gross and rundown on the outside.  Posing and lighting all of those things.

It’s still one of my favorite shoots to look back on and one I’m very proud of.  I hope you enjoy some of the selects I chose to share below.




Donut Shop | Personal Project

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