Böhme is a Utah-based female clothing brand that I have shot with a number of times. They like to shoot in L.A. and for this collection wanted to capture summery California vibes. We shot at a house in the Hollywood Hills with a swimming pool and stunning backyard terrace with incredible views of L.A.  They house itself had detailed stucco moldings and terrecota tiles.  It felt very California and Spanish-style and we embraced that for this shoot.
We shot about 70 looks in an 8-9 hour shoot day and had to be very rapid fire.  I chose 6-7 solid locations around the property that I liked best and as the models changed their clothes, we just rotated between those spots based on what I thought would look best with the clothing they were in.  We had three models on set which helped us go through looks faster but we still had to be very rapid fire.  Full day shoots like this are always very grueling but also so rewarding.  I loved capturing these very summery and Spanish villa vibes for Bohme.  We captured a lot of beautiful dresses which is one of their signature items. And just made it feel very fun and fresh, like you’re on a summer getaway.




Böhme Summer Collection

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