I recently shot with Mantraband jewelry.  This was my first time shooting with this brand.  They found me through my Instagram account (which is how a lot of my clients find me, so I always try to make my account feed very polished and professional, and I treat it like a portfolio).  Mantraband is this amazing brand that creates high quality beautiful gold-plated jewelry: necklaces, rings, and cuff bracelets that have mantras on them that you can carry with you throughout the day.  The mantras are inspiring and encouraging and provide great reminders to the wearer.

I was really excited when they reached out.  They wanted the shoot to be very clean, organic, and fresh.  We were shooting product and lifestyle images for their social media and website, and we wanted the jewelry to be the hero of the images.  We shot at this beautiful studio downtown: FD Photo Studio.  I’ve shot here before and really liked it.  I love the texture and color of the walls here.  It gives you a lot to work with in a studio space.  We also shot with two beautiful models: Devin Zweck and Shandya.

Jewelry can be tricky to shoot because it’s small and the shots need to be tight.  You need to avoid glares and have to keep very small objects in focus.  And we had to deal with all of that for this shoot.   I used my 55mm Zeiss lens for this shoot because I wanted my images to be tack sharp.  And I wanted to add a little more interest than just the walls and textures of the studio so I brought in some fresh flowers that helped incorporate some green and organic elements which are a big part of the Mantraband brand.  We used these strategically to frame the jewelry pieces.

I’m really pleased with how these images came out and can’t wait to work with Mantraband again in the future.



Mantraband | Studio Shoot

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