As some of you know, I recently traveled to Hawaii on vacation with Officially Quigley.  The trip was mostly for fun but because both Quigley and I were going to be there together, we decided to try and turn a portion of it into a working trip.  About a month or two before we left, we started reaching out to clients to see if anyone would be interested in working with us and Mantraband was one of those clients who wanted to take us up on this offer!  I felt like Hawaii would be a really perfect setting for Mantraband because their aesthetic features a lot of natural foliage and flowers and greenery; and tans and greens are some of their primary colors.

For this shoot, we focused again on close tight detailed shots featuring the product, which made me think of another tip I want to share.  Whether you’re shooting headshots, product shots, whatever [insert close-up item here], you don’t need to really overthink your location.  For this shoot specifically, we shot most of these in the backyard of the house we were staying at.  There were tropical looking trees and flowers in the backyard and we were able to pull these elements in without having to find some super fancy location.  We did this by Quigley pulling the leaves into frame and hiding behind them or grabbing them.  We were able to be creative without stressing about finding some crazy location because I knew our shots were going to be very tight.  If you’re strategic about how you use what is available to you, that may be all you need.

So if you’re focusing on close-up product shots, you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money on a location (whether that be a studio or production space, etc.) It’s more important to make sure you’re getting super sharp images more than anything else.  Check out these photos below that were all taken in the backyard.

Hope this helps you stress-less for your next close-up shoot!




Mantraband | Hawaii

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