Okay, let’s talk about the fact that I got to shoot Rebecca Minkoff, a household name brand! And that it was Rebecca herself while she was in L.A. for an event. Does it GET any better?!  I’m still pinching myself.

Rebecca reached out to me to shoot some of her new Fall collection (including shirts, pants, dresses, and her staple handbags).  And she was just so real, relatable and easy to talk to.  It was so fun to get to know her and share some laughs.  We even had a water chugging contest in the middle of our shoot when we were both dying of heat.  I suggested it and Rebecca kicked my butt.

Rebecca is such an inspiring business woman to be around and to see what she’s built from the ground up is just so amazing.  If you haven’t read her new book yet, Fearless, you must.  It’s very inspirational and a quick read. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you will love this book.

It was so much fun to work with Rebecca!  The goal of the shoot was to capture images that were very consistent with the images you see on her Instagram feed (which are almost all taken in New York City).  Her style and aesthetic is very street style; New York street style.  So she decided she wanted to shoot in Downtown L.A. to make our shoot feel consistent with that urban style she’s become known for. She really wanted us to focus on her new shoes, bags, and accessories, against the busy backdrop of DTLA.

We shot about 8 different looks and really tried to capture a variety of different settings, that all felt very cohesively urban but played well behind the different bright colors we were trying to accentuate with each piece.

This shoot was truly one of the most fun shoots I’ve done in a while and I’m so excited to share these photos with you.





Rebecca Minkoff | Fall ’21 Collection

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