Today I’m going to be sharing the usefulness & power of having a creative branding deck for every shoot you put together!  I have been swearing by this for years and want to show exactly how this came together for a recent shoot I did with Good Alma.

For this shoot I was hired to be the photographer but also the creative director.  So in preparation for the day-of, I put together a deck to pitch the owner of Good Alma, Bekah Martinez, on the visuals for the shoot.  This was essential to make sure we were on the same page by visually defining this concept. We had a client consultation before we got to this stage, where she told me her idea, the style, mood, and overall branding she wanted for this shoot.  I created this deck here and once she approved it, I went ahead and worked from this to put together all of the creative elements for the shoot.

When I put a creative deck together, I like to talk about the overall style and aesthetic of the shoot and for this Good Alma shoot we were going for really clean simple minimal vibe; bright white, with a breezy coastal feel, without it being too obvious (i.e., not at the actual beach).  We wanted it to feel coastal even though the clothing we were shooting was very cozy and warm, long waffle-neck cardigan and pants and these super soft t-shirts.  We looked for at home cozy vibes that could lean more Fall.

In each of my creative decks, I like to put the overall style and aesthetic into words and then also put this into moodboards.  And then I like to talk about overall art direction and set design.  For this shoot, I wanted it to be clean modern at-home apartment vibes but also incorporating natural elements that helped bring in that Coastal-ness.

Then I talked about hair and makeup and what we wanted that to look like on the models, followed by a posing moodboard that we also used as reference for the models on shoot day. We wanted it to feel very relaxed, comfortable, lounging at home, leaning / laying on sofas, stools, chairs, etc. Close-up crops that felt intimate and cozy, and that really made the clothing the focal point.

Lastly, we talked about props: clean, simple, and natural elements. Plants, fruits, flowers, fibers. Things like pampas grass, peaches, pears, simple gold mirrors, glassware, books, chairs, etc.  We used items that added to that overall style and aesthetic.

I hope you found this in-depth look at my creative process helpful!  For more tips and tricks, make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter.





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