A couple of months ago, I got to shoot with Ava Riley, an incredible artist who was getting ready to drop her first album with InRage Entertainment (a company I sometimes shoot for).  She’s only 16 and wanted this album to very true to herself and for the imagery to be very girly, very pink with a lot of florals, and very feminine.

We decided to shoot this at one of my favorite locations: the Pasadena Town Hall.  They have gorgeous pink roses that are always blooming here.  I also bought along some bright peonies and sweet pea flowers to use as props.  Our second location was Lacy Park in Pasadena where they have a rose garden that’s very pretty, with white arbors that roses grow on.  I knew it would make a great setting for the floral vibes that Ava Riley was going for.

I wanted the images to have a very pink glowy feel to them so I used my Palm Springs presets and adjusted them so that the images would have more of a pink undertone.

My tip of the week is to use your editing style to enhance and add to the overall effect you’re going for.  The locations were really pretty but they didn’t add as much floral as I was hoping for.  So I use the tools at my disposal to make the shoot feel even more girly and pink and dreamy.  This is a great option to have in your back pocket if you need to enhance your photos to fit the overall mood and aesthetic you’re going for, if they don’t come out of camera looking just as you’d hoped.

Check out the final images below!




Ava Riley | Pasadena Rose Gardens

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