A month again, Quigley and I once again collaborated for another one of my favorite shoots this year.  As busy moms, we had to find time a good time to sneak away from home, so early evening seemed to be the best move.  Since we left are houses around 6pm, we knew we were going to be playing around with lots of different lighting scenarios which was really fun for me as the photographer.

We first started out shooting around sunset.  There was a very soft diffused light and the color of Quigley’s Cult Gaia dress was very vivid.  The mood was fun and playful with lots of movement, yet still soft and feminine.  The sky was still a bright blue and it felt like a classic lifestyle shoot.

Pretty quickly though, the sun sunk behind the mountain and the sky turned very warm and purple with a dusky light.  The mood started to shift to a more moody, romantic, sexy, mysterious vibe.  And you can see this in Quigley’s posing too.  I also added more grain to these photos.

And then lastly, we moved into complete darkness and had to bring in our own light with an onboard flash.  This created a stark contrast in the photos.  It also captured Quigley in place.  The mood became more jarring and in your face, more edgy and high fashion.  It was more like a spontaneous paparazzi style, cool girl celerity shoot.

Even though we had three very different lighting scenarios we were able to achieve cohesion by using the same model, dress, and style throughout the shoot and I think these images turned out amazing.

I hope you enjoy!




Quigley | Cult Gaia Shoot

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